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Radius wall with raked out joints
Radius wall with raked out joints

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Radius brick wall
Construction of boundary walls
Squint wall formed to determine boundary of property. Squints are used mainly where a 90degree return is too severe
View of radius wall
Front garden boundary wall


"Raked out" joints to partion brick wall and block paved walkway
Lawn completed with some left over turf rolls
Stone constructed out-building
Paving blocks laid along edgings to form a soldier border
Boundary wall - Photo taken ten years later
Delivery of building materials
Radius wall with raked out joints
The finished garden
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4th Feb 2009
Mini photo of wall

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Sub-contracted for bricklaying and block paving work in Sheffield City Center

Commenced construction on a radius wall in Sheffield Town centre July 2009. The boundary wall completed was approximately 18 metres long. For strength and because of the length was built as two 100mm walls tied ...

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